J Bar J Stables

           Ranch Riding Clinic  

                                         July 23 and 24

                                                                      J Bar  J Stables

                                                                Jeff and Alicia Jones

                                                   Mallard Lane  Camano Island WA  98282

                                                        360 661 7330    360 661 7329



      Ranch Riding is often the largest class at the shows. We enjoy this popular class and so do our horses.  We are offering a Ranch Riding clinic.  Ranch Riding is designed to showcase a willing, well broke horse and that will be the focus of our clinic. 


Our accomplishments:

2016 OQHA Summer Classic Circuit  Level 1 Ranch Riding  Champion

2016 OQHA Summer Classic Circuit  Level 1 Ranch Riding  Reserve Champion

2015 NWRA  Champion and Reserve Champions in  Open Ranch riding

 50 points in AQHA Open Ranch Riding in less than one year

 Qualified two horses for the 2016 AQHA World Championship horse show in Open Ranch Riding.


Proposed schedule for the clinic : 

First Day

   We will discover you and your horse‚Äôs strong points and where you need work.

        Give you tools to help you develop the willing horse you need.


Second Day

    We will work on the maneuvers in the patterns

a.       Help you understand the patterns, and the requirements for the transitions and maneuvers. 

b.       Throughout the clinic, we will help you understand the judging of the class. 


                   If time permits, we will work on some reining and other horsemanship skills.



Space will be limited. Lunch will be provided.   

Please call  for reservations and for more information.

Thank you 


Jeff Jones  360 661 7329

Alicia Jones   360 661 7330

Camano Island WA

 Email    jbarjstables@outlook.com


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